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Welcome to Aza Hounds, home to wire and smooth Ibizan Hounds

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 We are located in Connecticut.  First and foremost our dogs are all loving family members.  We enjoy showing our Ibizans in the conformation ring and doing other dog related activities with them. We train by using positive motivation and a clicker and feed an all natural raw diet.  Our dogs live a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle.  They have acreage fenced in for running, hunting, and playing.  To us, it is important to help preserve the true hunting Podenco Ibicenco from Spain.  We encourage our dogs to follow their natural hunting instincts.  They are never pushed to become something they aren't.

We fell in love with the Ibizan Hound after researching what breed would suite our lifestyle best.  The beauty, activity level, and clownish ways of the Ibizan Hounds got us hooked.  After we got our first Ibizan (Naboo) we could never imagine our lives without this wonderful breed. 

Please always feel free to contact us.  We do not breed at this time but we invite anyone interested in the breed to come and visit with us and meet them in person. 

On this website you will see numerous photos.  As a pastime I like to photograph everything from dogs, children, to wildlife.  We also keep busy with helping different animal rescue groups.  Although we don't do much fostering anymore, we have fostered many dogs and kittens over the years.



Gone But Never Forgotten.  We miss you every day!


March 4, 2001 - April 21, 2011

A truly magnificent girl.  She was always a great role model to other dogs.


Member of the Ibizan Hound Club of the United States


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