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Podenco Andaluz / Andalusian Podenco / Andalusian Hound

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The soul of Andalucia - La Podenquera

Photo standard for Podenco Andaluz (in Spanish)


Talavante II


Vante was imported from Spain in September 2007.  He is a fun little dog who has a very similar drive of an Ibizan Hound when it comes to hunting.  He comes in a much smaller package weighing about 14lbs.  He is made of all muscle and is a very athletic little dog.  He is very food motivated and loves to work for treats.  In the house he is very well behaved.  You never hear anything from him when he's in his crate and he was very easy to housebreak.  At night he loves to cuddle up next to you on the couch while watching TV.  During the day he thinks it's his job to protect the yard from the squirrels and he will lay outside watching the trees ALL day if you let him.  Of course you can't blame him as this is a breed that was bred to hunt and most Podenco Andaluz live in hunting kennels in Spain.  Very few of them live in the house as family members.  He lives very peacefully with other dogs (big and small) and cats too.  He's a great little companion to bring out and about.  He can be a little hesitant around new things but it only takes him a few minutes to take it all in and realize it's ok.  He is absolutely adorable and we have enjoyed him so much!     

Here is a picture of Talavante at 2 months old with his parents. 

Talavante's breeder is LOS ARCABUCEROS

DOB:  April 28, 2007

Sire and Dam information:

Sire:  ALI-BABA II. Date of birth 01/02/2004. Tattoo/Transponder: PA 000001Y, in the registry of canine races (R.R.C. ) with nē 0079339.

Dam:  Calaņa V. Date of birth 01/10/2000. Tattoo/Transponder: RI 000036W, in the registry of canine races (R.R.C. ) with nē 0075668.


To see more pictures of Talavante visit his Gallery


Here he is at 5 months old...




6 months old...





Vante at 10 - 11 months old...




Vante's new roll is a kitten babysitter.  We were fostering kittens for the local Humane Society and Vante loved to play with them.  The kittens adored him.


Vante at 19-22 months old 



Jumping for squirrels


Vante with his friends...



Vante loves to chase after the ball

Vante, always on the hunt for squirrels




Vante's Videos

Vante shows how eager he is to work for a treat:


Vante loves to play fetch:




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