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A little bit about the Podenco Andaluz

To see the RSCE standard in Spanish go here http://www.rsce.es/razas/razas.htm and click on Podenco Andaluz


Country of Orgin:  Spain

Registry:  RSCE (the Podenco Andaluz is not recognized by the FCI)

Breed History: All of the breeds of Mediterranean prick-eared sighthounds are believed to share a common origin in Ancient Egyptian dogs spread across the Mediterranean Sea by ancient traders. The ancestors of the Podenco Andaluz were no exception when they arrived in the southern Spanish region of Cadiz by way of the Phoenicians.
While the ancestors of most of the other Mediterranean prick-eared sighthounds arguably remained isolated and therefore possible direct descendants of the Ancient Egpytian dogs, those of the Podenco Andaluz did not. Spain, has throughout its history, frequently been invaded by other cultures, which in turn brought with them dogs. The Moors in particular are thought to have influenced the modern breed with the addition of pariah types from Africa.
Despite its long history, the Podenco Andaluz has only recently attracted the attention of the show world with national recognition by the Real Sociedad Canina de España (Spanish Kennel Club).

Appearance: The Podenco Andaluz is a compact breed of prick-eared sighthound that occurs in three different sizes and coats.

The sizes are:

- Tall (Podenco Andaluz Talla Grande):  males 21 to 25 inches (54 to 64 cm), females 20 to 24 inches (53 to 61 cm).  Both sexes range in weight from 46 to 73 pounds (21 to 33 kg).   

- Meduim (Podenco Andaluz Talla Mediana): males 17 to 21 inches (43 to 53 cm), females 16 to 20 inches (42 to 52 cm).  Both sexes weigh from 22 to 49 pounds (10 to 22 kg). 

- Small (Podenco Andaluz Talla Chica): males 14 to 17 inches (35 to 42 cm), females 12 to 16 inches (32 to 41 cm).  Both sexes weigh from 11 to 24 pounds (5 to 11 kg). 

Three types of coat:  All three varieties lack an undercoat. The hair on the head and legs of both the wirehaired and longhaired varieties is shorter than that found on the rest of the body.

- Wire type:  hair that is strong and 1.575 to 2.362 inches 94 to 6 cm) in length.
- Longhaired type:  hair that is silky and 2.362 to 3.937 inches (6 to 10 cm) in length.
- Shorthaired type:  hair that is smooth, close lying, hard, and 0.3937 to 1.181 inches (1 to 3 cm) in length.

Coloring:  The Podenco Andaluz may be white of various shades, cinnamon of various shades, or white and cinnamon.

Head:  The head is medium sized. The stop is smooth and barely pronounced.

Muzzle:  The muzzle is shorter than half the length of the head. The width and depth of the muzzle are about equal.

Nose:  The medium sized nose is round and honey in color.

Bite:  While the Podenco Andaluz is preferred to have a scissors bite, a level bite is also accepted.

Eyes:  The small, round eyes may be any shade of honey or hazel. The ears are medium set, wide at the base, triangular in shape with blunt tips, and carried erect.

Neck:  The medium sized, straight neck is tight and forms a forty-five degree angle with the body.

Body:  The chest is quite deep and possesses slightly arched ribs. The back is straight, short, and very wide.

Legs:  The legs are long, muscular, straight, and parallel.

Feet:  The feet are tight and round with toes that are so little arched as to appear almost straight. The wide, strong nails are either brown or white in color.

Tail:  The low-set, medium thickness tail should not reach to the hocks. The tail should never be docked. In motion the tail is carried upwards as more or less a moon. When at rest, the tail is carried downwards as a saber towards the hocks.

Personality and Uses: The Podenco Andaluz is considered a specialist in the hunting of hare, and wild boar due to its natural instincts, remarkable sense of smell, and abundant stamina. This is not to say that this is all the breed is capable of however. The Podenco Andaluz is also able to serve as a retriever, both on the land, and in the case of ducks, in the water.  It is a dog born to hunt, with an excellent sense of smell, and very resistant to the fatigue, is not intimidated before anything, methodical and fast in the search, barking while after its prey.

 It is a dog of high intelligence, nobility, sociability, and  is always alert.

As a companion, the Podenco Andaluz is very affectionate, submissive, and loyal with its family, but it will break this bond with unjust punishment.


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